Meet our Team:

Ashton Lloyd – 10 years Volleyball Coach; Nutritional Science Major (4 year bachelor accredited + 1 year enology accredited); Raised in Tempe, Az. Career path: Winemaker.

Michael Bockstahler – 10 years (this about page is making me feel old) Food & Beverage Hospitality; Raised in Sonoma, Ca. Career path: Winemaker. (2 year viticulture/enology accredited).

Iggy – Abandoned, found, loved. Prefers organic peanut butter made from valencia peanuts.

Just a couple of kids (and a puppy) teaming up to take on the wine industry from the ground up. Hopefully we’ll be able to gather some insight for those doing the same now or in the future as we explore topics related to education, (Ashton and myself are presently studying Enology in Northern Arizona) wine as a profession, and achieving certifications (current pursuit CSW/CWE).

Keep up with us as we travel and explore the vast world of wine, sharing our unique discoveries both inside and beyond the bottle. We also host paired dinners locally for individuals in their homes, share an interest in wine marketing and photography, and love traveling to experience new friends in the trade.

Get in touch on our contact page if you are interested in sharing your stories or would like to schedule a visit with us at your winery! We have a passion for meeting new people and hearing your ideas as well as sharing ours with you.

Also, if you’re in a pinch for a last minute recipe or just have the afternoon off, check out our Instagram for ideas on unique and often gourmet (Ashton gives my cooking too much credit) meals, small plates, and pairings.



Ashton, Michael, Iggy